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Integrated Audiovisual Technology Solutions with VSSi

VSSi is an audiovisual company in MD that provides individually tailored AV solutions. We are proud of being in this business as we know how to improve collaboration and ease workplace environment. We know what businesses need to be successful from audiovisual point of view.  


Technologies enhance and deliver seamless communications through integrated video conferencing technologies, audio-video presentations, collaboration platforms, interactive whiteboards, audiovisual displays, digital signage, video walls, touch screens, smart boards, and projection systems. Integrated audiovisual technology solutions help any enterprise not only to achieve efficacy in collaboration by sharing ideas, presenting information, interacting, and making decisions but also save time and money by creating a face-to-face conference with anyone and anywhere.

A seamless communication is important and we know that. That is why VSSi integrates audio-video systems, including teleconferencing and digital signage by sharing its own vision on new technologies. We provide valued solutions that contain audiovisual consulting, design and engineering, AV equipment sales, AV integrating, control system programming, system orientation training, AV service, support, and maintenance contract.  We have AV system designers, engineers, programmers, project managers, and AV technicians to effectively support your audiovisual needs.

We commit our time and resources to working with you. We respect your time, investment, and goals, that is why we do our best to deliver our service with reliability, efficiency, high-quality legibility, easiness to use, future upgradeability, and flexibility. Our key service areas include  Business and Corporate Enterprises, Government, Military, Educational Facilities, Healthcare Institutes, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Cultural Establishments, Law Firms, Financial Firms, and Houses of Worship.  Through integrated audiovisual technology, we help enterprises become more productive and dynamic by enhancing communication and collaboration.                   

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 "We have arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements

                          profoundly depend on science and technology." 


                                                                      Carl Sagan   

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